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Low Spark tour continues!

We have played a handful of shows and are going to play a few more! For the first time The Low Spark will be traveling to Greece for a show and with great joy share the stage with our fellow band The Cave Children!

Summer tour 2017 banner

You can listen and buy the album HERE! interview

Here it is. An interview about pretty much everything I do with Stavros Dioskouridis of
In Greek. Enjoy...


AT LAST! The Low Spark release album !!

The new album by The Low Spark will be out on bandcamp on the 18th of this month. You can also pre-order it now and get 3 tracks instantly
order here: 
Album live presentation is set for the 19th of May at Savino Live in Larnaca. Facebook event here


Trio Tekke album out on pre-order!

The new album by Trio Tekke is out on pre-order! Official release date is set for the 5th of June. If you pre-order now you can get 3 tracks instantly and also help us make the costs of the production. You can order here:

Trio Tekke Zivo 2017

Started recordings for a new record Athens ...

Last December, I started recording a new record that will potentially be called 'Playground', with good friend producer Alex Bolpasis, with whom we have worked together for the J.Kriste album Girls, Ghosts and Gods. I am not sure yet under what alias is going to be released and how but it is happening. Michalis Kapilidis, superb drummer from Athens, has layed down drums for 10 new tracks, and a couple of weeks ago I was in Athens again putting down the bass and acoustic guitar parts. It sounds great and I think it's going to be one of the best things I have done. Stay tuned...

studio Artracks 

Trio Tekke album recordings completed... off to mixing!

It was a very hard working week in London, recording the new Trio Tekke album! It's all down now and we are getting ready for mixing this baby, which Andreas Trachonitis will be responsible for, at studio eleven63.

IMG 20170211 WA0040IMG 0469

Now Happiness 
concert at Rialto was a dream! Thanks to all who came. Small but warm crowd! Expect photos and videos soon....hopefully!

First 'Now Happiness' show for 2017 and live video

I'm very happy to announce the first show for 2017 and what a show. At one of the nicest theatres in Cyprus, Rialto Theatre in Limassol, where we played with J.Kriste, Master of Disguise some years ago, and from which show you probably know from the videos. It's on the 11th of February and you can check out info at the live page and also on Facebook.

Also enjoy this video from our show last October at the beautiful space of Axiothea. More to come soon...

Trio Tekke new album recordings

We are heading over to London in early February to record a brand new album with Trio Tekke. This time around the band and the overall sound is enhanced by monster drummer Dave De Rose who is collaborating with us on this album and is helping create a fresh rhythmic blend to go with our new, more electric sound! Stay tuned. Expected release May - June!
We are also doing one live show. Check live section or FB event for details!

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studio Lyon

Sotires live video released

I am very happy to share with you the new live videos by Sotires, recorded and filmed at the Cyprus Library and produced by Andreas Trachonitis!


New shows for Sotires announced!

Thre are a few shows lined up to present the album by Sotires in Greece and Cyprus. We will be playing Thessaloniki, Athens, Limassol and Nicosia, plus recording a live video in a library that will come out in January! Head to the live section to check it out!  



Sotires album out!

The brand new album by Sotires is released on Louvana Records and we are very happy about that. order it here! Or look for it in all the good record shops if you live in Greece. More news and show soon!
Oh and like us on Facebook if you may!

        album cover

New live video

This is a new video of us playing an acoustic version of 'Sun melts the ice' off the album Now Happiness. Enjoy!
Tour dates coming up in
Greece and

September 2016

It's been a long and busy summer with lots of good vibes and happenings. 'Now Happiness' has traveled to London, Brighton, Athens and then Samothraki island in August as well as Pilion (Music Village) and now we are getting ready for more shows in Cyprus (Axiothea Festival), Greece and one show in Cologne, Germany! (Check out live shows). For the Greek tour we will be accompanied by our dear friend and fine songwriter Barnaby Keen, with whom we have been talking for ages to some writing and touring together!

The vinyl version of 'Now Happiness' is now out! You can order it hereIt is also distributed in Greece by Inner Ear Records and can be found in all good record shops all over the country!


Fengaros Festival was a blast! We played with THE LOW SPARK and we also did our first EVER show with SOTIRES in front of about 2000 people! We are now putting the finishing touches on the Sotires record and continuing the tracking for The Low Spark record.

Sotires at Fengaros Festival

In other exciting news Trio Tekke is coming alive after a year of absense for two Cyprus shows on the 22nd and 23rd of October with our dear friends FLYING IBEX from London which is very exciting! More on that soon!

May news

We had a great time touring Germany and France. Thank you to everyone who came down and to everyone who helped us along the way. It was great to meet everyone. More shows coming up soon (Check HERE)

13041425 1068752116515669 975941917899430946 o

Also, the vinyl for 'Now Happiness' is on the way! You can pre-order it HERE!

In other news:

The play "Our Class" by Tadeusz Slobodzianek, that I composed music for, is going to be performing at Athens Festival 2016 in June!

The first album by Sotires is still in the mixing process and the release is looking to be pushed to September. There will be a video though to accompany the first single "Kokkinoskoufitsa" out pretty soon.

We are also doing our annual workshop about songwriting and production at Music Village in Greece. You can check out details here!

Spring tour and more

I'm really happy to announce the 'Now Happiness' Spring tour 2016. Lots of dates announced and maybe a few more to be confirmed. Keep checking the LIVE section for updates and details.

banner tour2016 2

Here is also a live video from our Cyprus dates in February to warm you up.

In other news... we had our first rehearsals with SOTIRES which have turned out a wonderful musical experience. Expect a video of the first single off the new album -which remains without name yet- in a couple of weeks or so... Here is a photo of the set from video shoot.


March news

I'm really happy to announce the Spring Tour coming up for "Now Happiness". We are going to visit Germany, France, (April) and England (May) plus do a few more shows in Cyprus. Check out the Live section to see what is booked at the moment.

In other news:

I just finished doing the music and sound design for the play "Our Class" by Tadeusz Slobodzianek, (see trailer) directed by the wonderful Greek director Yannis Kalavrianos. It was a great experience for me and a great team to work with.

Also, I have been nominated for the Theatre awards in the best music category for my work on "39 Steps" from last year! The ceremony will take place on the 21st of March.

The first album by Sotires is in the mixing process and we are hoping to release it sometime before the summer. I'm flying to Athens towards the end of the month to start rehearsing with the band!

...are in the studio recording their debut album, whilst at the same time doing various shows here in and there (check LIVE sections for details). We also just finished playing a couple of shows with The Noise Figures from Greece. Good stuff! Recordings are sounding nice and fat.

and last but not least...

We just finished mixing a few tracks that hopefully will compile an EP digital release. More details soon...

Stay tuned

Album release and shows

Ok, so Now Happiness is officially out now. You can find it in seleceted shops for the moment, but digitally it's on all of the digital downloading and streaming platforms like amazon, iTunes, spotify, deezer, googlplay e.t.c. Go find it! :-) 
You can order the album from Louvana Records shop where you can also pre-order the vinyl.

Other (not web) shops that you can find the album are:



Prozak Cafe
Magos Records
New Division

Το Αvgo

To celebrate the release we are doing a a small Cyprus tour with Dimitris Hadjizisis.
The dates are:

5 February - Vintage, Paphos
6 February - Dentro Theatre, Nicosia
7 February - Sousami, Limassol

More info on the shows here.

There are also some shows in Germany gradually coming in, for April, and there is a chance that we are playing France as well. Stay tuned.


First single and video from "Now Happiness"

I am very happy to share with you the first video from the new album. It's a production of Louvana Records and it was directed by myself, on a concept by Orestis Kalvaris who built the set for the cover of the album, and edited by Andreas Dimitriou for White Leaf Pictures. It features my parents and lots of good friends and it was really fun making. Feel free to share.

This track is available for free download here

The album is available for Pre-Order here.

New album release announcement

I'm very happy to share with you the cover of my new solo album. This is the first album that I release under my own name. It will be released on our very own Louvana Records on the 16th of January. The installation and photography is by Orestis Kalvaris and I thank him very much for his hard work and his inspiration for this project.

More info and sounds very soon. Stay tuned!


September 2015

Began recordings for solo album. The album will be called 'Now Happiness' and it will be released in December 2015. Stay tuned!

Photo by Andreas Trachonitis

Here's a live version of one of the songs on the album from last year at prozak cafe in Nicosia.

End of Summer 2015

The summer finished up nicely with Fengaros Music Village and Festival being a blast in a every aspect. Shows with The Low Spark, Trio Tekke and J.Kriste, Master of Disguise were lots of fun and the vibe at Kato Drys was super positive all throughout the week.

J.Kriste - live Fengaros 2015
J.Kriste, Master of Disguise at Fengaros Festival / 2nd of August 2015 / Photo by Christos Hadjichristou

Enjoy this nice video with music from Andreas, Mikaela and myself. 

At Music Village in Ayios Lavrentios in Pelion, Greece together with Andreas Trachonitis once again we conducted a great workshop about songwriting and production, which I enjoyed very much!

Music Village 2015

Photo by Angeliki Tatou Dede

Summer 2015

It's been a very productive few months. I progressed quite a bit with the songs for my first solo record and I also managed to compose quite a bit for a J.Kriste, Master of Disguise new record and also some songs for The Low Spark. For the latter we have a new drummer, Stefanos Meletiou and rehearsing weekly, so in good form. There's also shows coming up during the summer.

11412041 390429031157989 377200656801852975 o
The Low Spark at Farma Project / 18th of July 2015

I also had the chance to work with my friend Fotis Siotas for 10 days, with whom we wrote and made demos of 7 new songs, and are aiming for a collaboration release sometime in the Autumn / Winter time. We are very excited and other people seem to be too! Here's a frist taste: 

I spent the last week of May in London rehearsing and doing a gig with a refreshed Trio Tekke, since we are now joined by magnificent drummer Dave De Rose, as part of a new collaboration. Watch a video from our gig here.

That was followed by some excellent shows in France in early July including France's biggest jazz festival, Jazz a Vienne! Great times! We also managed to get in the studio and record three new tracks which we are planning on releasing sometime in the winter as a new EP introducing our sound with Dave De Rose.

Trio Tekke and Dave De Rose
Trio Tekke with Dave De Rose / France 2015

Now, looking for Fengaros Music Village, where I'm performing with The Low Spark and Trio Tekke, and of course Fengaros Festival 2015 where we are playing with J.Kriste, Master of Disguise, premiering five new songs! Then I'm off to Greece for a show with Michalis Siganides and then a workshop about songwriting and production Music Village in Greece, with Andreas Trachonitis, to wrap the summer up.

Poster 2015

Have a great rest of the summer!

Spring News

For the past few months I haven't been playing live much, which is the first time this happens for quite a while. Ι've been mainly in the basement trying to compose and demo new material for a solo record and also for J.Kriste, Master of Disguise. It's been tough getting back into writing and finding the space from where to draw inspiration from, but it's been rewarding. 

I took a little break from all this to go to Athens and play a lovely duet show at Theatro Porta with my friend Fotis Siotas, with whom we are going to work on his first solo record in the following months.

Θέατρο Πόρτα 2015
photo by Dimitris Foken

Then straight off to Paris for my first ever gig there. Thanks to the lovely Alexia and Alex Mentis for inviting me and hosting the nite. It took place at Kibele, in front of a small attentive audience, and I really enjoyed my first encounter with the French! From Paris I traveled to Lyon where I met a bunch of lovely people thanks to my friends Cleo and Benjamin and I'm looking forward to getting back there in July for some shows.

photo by Roxane Bardin

Back in Cyprus now and in the basement for some more writing and recording demos of new material. I want to slowly start rehearsing new J.Kriste, Master of Disguise material with the band and hopefully a gig soon to test drive the tunes.

Still no news on the Plain History or the new Trio Tekke single, although with the latter there's a few international shows lined up in London and France with our friend Dave De Rose on drums. I'm excited about the new sound of the band. Check the calendar for upcoming dates.

Lefteris x 

December News - Live shows - Collaborations

I just finished working on a very pleasant theatre production with Marios Mettis of a theatre classic "the 39 steps". I'm really happy with the results. The play is hilarious and the acting is suberb. I highly recommend watching it if you are around Nicosia this month.
Here's the trailer

39 steps poster

I also composed and recorded a little bit of music for a new documentary called "We share the same sea" which will be out early next year. More info soon.

Back in September I went to Greece to play two shows with my friend Michalis Siganides' band, Siganidae 5, which I forgot to mention in the previous blog post. Following is a taste of the Athens show, which I had a great time playing. 

As far as recording go, we are currently mixing some tracks with The Low Spark which hopefully will be released next year as an EP. There's also a single for Plain History getting mixed at the moment, which contains two tracks. And last but not least we are working a new single for Trio Tekke with master drummer Dave De Rose, with whom we are going to be doing a little French tour in early July! 

Live show are coming up so check the calendar
Lots of love

Autumn news

Hello there

It's been a very long and busy summer, which didn't give much time to add news
and things on the website. I should, but I was still taking my time to learn my
way around this. I've been trying to make the different sections on the site richer, in a
sense, adding as much material and info as possible about each project that I'm
involved in.

Starting off with the solo performance in mid-July at Axiothea in Lefkosia, it was one of the most
enjoyable concerts ever for me. A lovely atmosphere was created and the energy was bouncing
back and forth. There are a couple of videos uploaded from that gig. Also, you can subscribe
at the brand new Moumtzis – YouTube channel for videos from solo performances.

Fengaros Music Village – our first attempt as Louvana on organising a Music Village
in Cyprus – went fantastic! Five days, nine workshops, concerts, jams and a lovely vibe was
in the daily menu. J.Kriste, Master of Disguise performed a show on one of the nights.

J.Kriste Music Village
J.Kriste, Master of Disguise performing at Fengaros Music Village, Kato Drys 2014. Photo by Christos Hadjichristou

Fengaros Music Festival followed right after where I performed a set with Fuzz Bus and
also with The Low Spark, a band that has been around for quite some time but
with not much to show for as far as recordings go. But we are working on that
and we are hoping to have a single or an EP out by Xmas time. We are thinking to do a
Cyprus tour as well to promote it.

Low Spark-Fengaros
The Low Spark performing at Fengaros Music Festival, Kato Drys 2014. Photo by Christos Hadjichristou

Shortly after Fengaros we played a great gig with J.Kriste, Master of Disguise at Xarkis Festival
in Arsos before heading off to Ayios Lavrentios, Pilion, at the Greek Music Village conducting a
workshop with Fotis Siotas and Alkinoos Ioannides on songwriting / arranging / producing e.t.c.
It was the third year I was doing this and it still offers me such amazing experiences. It's great
to work with songwriters and sharing any knowledge I gathered over the years, jamming and
generally having a good time. It's rather tiring though!

Plain in the studio
Plain History recording at studio eleven63, Lefkosia. Photo by Andreas Trachonitis

At the moment I'm in the process of writing new material for J.Kriste and doing some
demos at home, while at the same time did some new recordings for Plain History,
The Low Spark (as mentioned before), Trio Tekke (!) (with drum offering by the
great Dave De Rose) and also writing for the new project with Fotis Siotas.

Hope to see you soon at a show. Thanks for reading through and stay tuned for more soon!
All feedback is welcome.

Peace and Love


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