Past Projects


Rite of Passage bandDescription

Rite of Passage was a psych - prog - rock trio formed by J.Kriste bandmembers past and present Lefteris Moumtzis, Mario Michael and Dimitris Kakavoulis. They played extensively in Cyprus around 2011-2013.

Rite of Passage attempted to record an album which was never finished but eventually tracks taken from that album surfaced and can be heard on the internet.

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SnakecharmerSnakecharmer was an alternative rock trio formed by Lefteris Moumtzis, Mario Michael and Marianna Moumtzi in 1998, initially as a cover band, but they soon started writing their own songs. They performed frequently in their hometown Lefkosia, becoming one of the tightest and most energetic bands on the scene, gradually gaining a substantial fan base.

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Masters of DisguiseMasters of Disguise was a band that was formed in Brixton, London, in the winter of 2005. The initial line up was Lefteris Moumtzis on guitar, vocals and compositions, Kit Jolliffe on drums and brothers Colin and Felipe Somervell on electric bass and keyboards respectively. They were later joined by guitarist / violinist Jim Willis. Their music was a mix of post rock and progressive rock. They gigged the London scene extensively, and were often headlining the Louvana monthly event in 2006-2007.

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Pigling BlandPigling Bland was an acoustic trio formed in London in 2006. Consisting of Jim Willis on acoustic guitar, Colin Somervell on double bass and Lefteris Moumtzis on vocals, glockenspiel and melodica, they played Willis’ compositions with lyrical offerings by Moumtzis. Willis wrote beautiful, interweaving melodies with ever-changing harmonies to accompany them in the intricate folk style started by Nick Drake and similar artists in the late ‘60s, but with strong references to early 20th century classical music.

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The Outer Soul EnsembleThe Outer Soul Ensemble was a seven-piece, groove band that incorporated jazz, funk and afro soul creating its own original sound and compositions. They were formed by Lefteris in 2009 and lasted for about a year until they disbanded.

The band members were Mike Michael – trumpet, Charis Ioannou – saxophone, Pavel Ljalin – trombone, Lefteris Moumtzis – bass, vocals, Mario Michael – guitar, Dimitris Kakavoulis – keyboards, Ioannis Vafeas - drums.

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Stelafi is the result of the collaboration between Lefteris Moumtzis, Greek actress Stela Fyrogeni and musician / producer Andreas Trachonitis. Their music is a never-heard-before mix of tribal drums and xylophones, haunting strings and trombones in a genre-defying whirlwind of rock, funk and Tom Waits-esque madness, as a platform for Stela Fyrogeni’s vocals, either in Greek or English.

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