97percentAppearance as producer and arranger. Also played guitars, bass, synths and some drums.

1. Fly
2. Big Star
3. How
4. Rise Love
5. No One's Near
7. Rain
8. Wondering
9. Beautiful Moon
10. Nocturne

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"The crystal sound of Eleni Era often causes songs to flow like water with the melodic atmosphere that touches classical music". - Listen Before You Love (TU)
"Rise Love is the sort of album that allows me to sit back and be washed over by the music. All rush is gone. What remains is private time between me and Eleni Era's music and voice. The opportunity to listen to the many details on Rise Love. [...] The album hangs somewhere in between the past and the present. The sounds are often very modern, the production spacious. The mood of the album could have been created in the late 70s or mid 90s. A mood that has something mystical, as if there is more between heaven and earth." - WoNo Magazine (NL) 
"Eleni Era has just started sharing her songs with the world, but the therapeutic nature of her creation process has opened up the opportunity for so much more to come." - Interview with Black is the New AP Style (USA)
"[...] Eleni creates a record that sounds so effortless in its execution. Its instrumentals are organic and allowed to flow naturally, often bleeding together ambience with haunting sounds throughout, resulting in some of the most gorgeous sounds we’ve heard this year. It’s easily our go-to album at the moment." - Some Good 2019 Albums, Sounds Good (UK)