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Athens Music Week performance coming up

AMW 2024 Artists Showcases Freedom Candlemaker 1080x1080
I will be joining my fellow band-members in Athens for a set at Athens Music Week. We will be performing at Oddity Club.
Our stage time is 22:50. We would love to see your lovely faces there. I missed playing in Athens and this will set the scene nicely for the upcoming album in Autumn.

Also on the 23rd at 22:00, don't miss my beloved Nama Dama playing in Athens for the first time, at Gazi View. I will be there too.

Please notice these sets are short so do come on time.
Tickets here


New beginnings

Cover Resurrection Freedom Candlemaker

After 15 years of working with Louvana Records, the company I have founded with Andreas Trachonitis in 2009, I have decided to step away to pursue further other areas of my career such as producing, composing and generally being an artist. I will be occasionally involved with certain aspects and programs that Louvana is organising and have an advising role when needed. My new album Ageless will be released on Louvana in the coming months so stay tuned. I know it has taken a very long time, but it is what it is. I am very happy with the results and it still rings true to my heart, so I am looking forward to sharing it.
Thank you for reading this.

Below the note from the Louvana regarding my leaving:
'With the utmost respect, gratitude and love, we announce that Louvana Records’ founding member, Lefteris Moumtzis, has decided to step back from his active role as the Artistic Director of Louvana Records and all things Fengaros. After 15 years of serving our vision in countless events, festivals, releases and productions, his involvement with Louvana Records moving forward will be project-based and will have an advising nature while he further pursues his career as a producer, composer and artist. We can't wait to reveal 'Ageless', the upcoming album by Freedom Candlemaker, coming this Autumn.'


Full band show announced!

Cover Resurrection Freedom Candlemaker

I am delighted to formally announce our full band Freedom Candlemaker show at Nicosia International Festival on the 12th of January 2024! The show is called AGELESS and it will be a new album presentation - even if the new album will not be out yet - so it's going to be super exclusive for everyone attending. It is also a special performance in that it will be performed by 9 people on stage, 7 musicians and 2 dancers. If there is one show that I would love all of you to be there it is this one. 🙏🌼🦋

You can book your tickets from the following link:

I will be joined by this spectacular team of people:
Nama Dama : Vocals, recorder, keyboards
Cemre Arca : Vocals, flute
Orestes Benekas (gr) : Keyboards
Odysseas Tziritas (gr) : Vocals, electric guitar
Alexandra AK : Electric guitar
Stefanos Pontos : Sound engineering


New single Resurrection and other news...

Cover Resurrection Freedom Candlemaker

New single Resurrection will released on the 8th of November 2023. Above you can see the cover, a still taken from the video that will be accompanying the song, starring dancer Ioli Kaskani and directed by Andreas Dimitriou of Leka Films. Look out for it on YouTube, Spotify and other digital platforms.

I have been playing this song live for a while now and it has got a special place in my heart and of some other people I know as well. It will be part of the new album Ageless I've been preparing for a couple of years now. But, things always get in the way and the record stays behind. This month I am traveling to Athens to finish it though with a hope for it to be out by January.

Resurrection has been recorded in many different places, my house, Klank studio Utrecht, we have done recordings with Marios Takoushis in Nicosia and Chris Parapagides in Athens, but the main recordings and mixing were done in Studio elevent63 in Nicosia. The song features backing vocals by Nama Dama and Tamara Van Esch, guitar by Foken and drums by Jim Eko.

It took a while, but I feel it was worth it and I am very excited to finally share this song with the world. 

So watch this space. If you are reading this, I love you. 

The Win is out! Read about it and watch the video.

I'm beyond excited to announce the release of my song The Win, along with a wonderful video directed by my friend Mara Christophorou. I would like to thank Andreas Trachonitis for always being there, recording, producing, mixing, Dimitris Oikonomou for the beautiful drumming, Nama Dama for lending her glorious voice and Yiannis Christodoulatos for the smooth mastering.
I would like to thank Mara Christoforou for doing this video with me, Antonis Pouliasis for the genius photos and editing, Costas Drakos for his beautiful cinematography, Anastasia Stacie Vanelli for her magical makeup, Christos Gogakis for the love and lights, Efrosini Mavrou for her art and magnificent headpieces, Sophia Irakleous, Avgoustina Triarou, Whisper Pan and Andria Constantinou for their dancing arms, Andreas Dimitriou for overall valuable help and of course Louvana Records for the continuous support.
Enjoy and share. 
Love to all <3 

New Single The Win announcement

Happy to announce my first proper release in two years. 18th of May will see the release of my new single The Win, which will be a part of my new album Ageless, to be released next winter. The video will be accompanied by a music video directed by young filmmaker Mara Christophorou. Watch out for it on all digital platforms.

Revealing the single cover below:

The Win Square

Polyphonic Body, Cyprus Retreat

I am so happy to announce this! Myself and Julianna Bloodgood have been scheming for months, dreaming of a retreat in nature that would include a workshop, music, performance, food and rituals and we are finally ready to offer to the world the Polyphonic Body Cyprus Retreat!
Since I have taken the workshop The Polyphonic Body last August in Pelion, Greece, I had the feeling that every artist and performer should experience this at least once. And this was the least I could do. Make it happen in Cyprus, at the very place I live, Vavla. You can read what it is about at the link below. Although, in all honesty, is extremely hard to put the whole experience into words. 

The workshop will take place in nature and in various locations within the village for five full days, and in the evenings we will host cultural music, dance and integration activities also open to the public. The whole retreat will be catered with locally sourced food and we will sleep in different guest houses within the village. 

This will be a powerful and potent journey and myself, Julianna and the rest of the team invite you to refresh, reset, refocus your artistry, heart and voice.

You can book a spot at the Louvana Records websiteOnly 20 spots available!


One last show for 2022

It was so refreshing to be on the road again and confirm that I can still do this. In fact it feels better than ever. I want to thank all of you who came out to the shows in Greece and the UK and for making me feel that there is still a reason to keep doing this, to make music, to go out and play it, to interact and connect with one another. It ended my year in the most beautiful way. One last show left on the 22nd of December at my favourite place in the worls, Prozak in Nicosia. I hope to see a lot of you there. Nama Dama will help me out with a few songs. Check Live section for shows.

DSC01728 1
Photo by Antonis Pouliasis

Full band show in Athens coming up!

It seems so long since I have played in Athens. And it is actualy very long. At last playing with a full band, a show that was programmed to happen in April 2020 and is happening on the 5th of November! Get your tickets and looking forward to seeing you there! Looking forward to seeing a lot of friendly faces there.

Facebook event:

Check out more shows in the Live section.

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I just filmed a new music video

I just filmed a music video with the wonderful young director Mara Christoforou. I am looking forward to sharing it with the world, but in the meantime there is still editing to be done, plus mixing of the song which is called 'The Win'.

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Happy few! A performance within an installation...

I'm doing a special performance at the opening of this beautiful exhibition in the ruins of Ancient Amathounta on the 16th of April. The installation is by the artist Andreas Kalli and we have worked together on choosing the music very carefully from past songs of mine as well as unreleased material that I'm preparing for my next album, so they are alligned with the concept of the installation.

I will be accompanied by Nama Dama on backing vocals and keys. There will be some dance and movement involved as well. I am very excited about this. 

The entrance is free for the opening.

IMG 6727

A few words from the press release:

'The Archaeological Site of Amathous hosts for the first time a most interesting exhibition of contemporary art in terms of artistic conception. By using a natural material (the bush), Andreas Kalli transcribes the ancient columns of the site to the present day. By having as a driving force, the search for the indissoluble relationship of the human – creator with the social environment and having as its core the artistic and conceptual searches, the concepts of evolution, life, consciousness, collective memory and the trace, Andreas Kalli creates the sculptural installation HAPPY FEW.

The encounter of contemporary art with Antiquity in the public sphere, activates and highlights the eternal and rich dialogue concerning the issues of history, memory, identity, culture and the environment. The exhibition brings to the forefront matters of communication and self-reflection. The viewer is invited to a new encounter with ancient civilization, which urges us all to reconnect with the past in order to rediscover our relationship with time and the space that surrounds us.'

Meliartos soundtrack released!

Today we have the joy to be releasing an Original Soundtrack with Louvana Records. It's a selection of tracks from the music that has accompanied the TV series Meliartos by Loris Loizides, directed by Theodosis Econdomides. We wrote and recorded this last summer with Andreas Trachonitis, playing all the instruments except the bouzouki which was played by Theodoulos Vakanas.
Theme song was sung by Fotis Siotas and lyrics were written by Stavros Stavrou. Album cover was made by George Vasiliou.

Eurotoire album release!

Eurotoire was a brilliant idea by my friend and partner Andreas Trachonitis to make a record with 20 musicians from all over Europe  in the midst of lockdowns and global uncertainty. I was so honoured to have the role of coordinating the programme, be part of the selection team, overlook the music and meet all these wonderful and inspiring young artists.
And today the album is released for the world to listen to on our own Louvana Records! 🙂 'On A Red Thursday' by #Eurotoire.
A record with 15 songs written by 10 songwriters and sung by various beautiful voices are now out there as a double album.

Check it all out here: 

More info on Eurotoire at 

News, news, news!

I just realised I haven't posted anything on here since October. Quite a few things happened and I will try and tackle them all in the same news post. 
Generally I feel very good (I never talk about my mental or emotional state on here but why not) and I am in a good space with the new material that I am preparing for a new album. There are about 18 songs kicking about. Pretty much all of them have been through the demo stage, the studio stage, have been added drums and some of them are in the stage of just needing vocals. I am also considering a double album! :-0 I have done about 8 days of studio in November and I'm hoping to get back in there asap to finish it off.

New release:
Today, a version of the song The Age of Now from our performace at the online Fengaros Reacts Vol.2 festival is being released. I am accompanied by the lovely Nama Dama and Tamara van Esch on backing vocals and other little bits. Make sure to stream it HERE!

We have just finished mixing the 15 songs of Eurotoire and have received the first version of mastering. It really sounds like a beautiful and adventurous record. One single has already been released and there are two more coming before the album drops on March 9th. Vinyl will follow about 3 months later in double gatefold. I'm very proud to have been the artistic director of this whole project.
Listen below.

Will post again soon with more news...Thanks for visiting <3 

Astral Body featured on Netflix series

I'm super excited to have my song 'Astral Body' playing on the soundtrack of the Netflix series 'Love 101'. Also on the same soundtrack Eleni Era's 'Walk with me'. It's a lovely series. Give it a go!

Love 101243428238 571275534141387 418851210717012436 n

TV series soundtrack

We recently composed and recorded the soundtrack for a brilliant new tv series which is coming out 11th of October on ANT1 tv Cyprus. I watched the premiere of the series and I have to admit that it's like nothing that was ever produced before in Cyprus. The quality in every aspect is very high and I am very happy to be a part of this amazing production. I have also composed the theme song from, which is already out and you can listen to it below. On vocals, my lovely friend Fotis Siotas.

I don't have a TV set and I never watch television, but I would urge anyone who does to watch this. The series is called Meliartos and it's written by the acclaimed actor and screenwriter Loris Loizides. It will be airing every Monday and Tuesday at 22:15.

Eurotoire Session 3 completed!

Session #3 of Eurotoire is completed. We have recorded 15 songs in (technically) 8 days at Studio eleven63 with this wonderful, talented, hard-working bunch of musicians and I don't think I could be more grateful and fulfilled.

First of all, a massive thank you to my partner Andreas Trachonitis for imagining this and putting it together and believing that it could actually happen and for trusting me to pull off the musical direction, as well as the hero that is Maria Kaimaklioti, for making sure everything is in place and in order.

This has been one of the most intense, inspiring and creative experiences for me and I thank all these guys one by one for being there, and for being yourselves, and for trusting and being open and courageous and loving, every step of the way and helping me to grow. #Eurotoire is a one of a kind trip! There was endless recording sessions, tears, house parties, impromptu live shows, food, visits at the beach and immense joy, all captured wonderfully by Jutta as last time on her analog camera. (see below)

And of course the journey is just beginning. Our record is now in the mixing stage with a plan to be released in January 2022 by Louvana Records so everyone watch this space. For more info keep checking




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000015 2



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Eurotoire Session 2 completed!

Eurotoire is a brilliant music programme that I have the honour to coordinate and be the artistic director and executive producer of. Thanks to my partner Andreas Trachonitis who designed the programme along with Maria Kaimaklioti we get to host 20 musicians from all over Europe to co-write and produce songs in 3 Sessions, with the aim to produce an album that will be released by Louvana Records. It's so inspiring to follow and be around for the process; the openeness, alertness and presence it requires and the excitement it creates when people are working together selflessly to reach a common goal.

I am truly so proud of this process and the way it's going so far. We have 15 great songs of various styles and amazing musicians and vocalists to perform them on the record! I thank all these individuals from the bottom of my heart for being who they truly are and trusting in this process. This is something very unique that we are experiencing and creating.

Session 2 which took place in the picture-esque village of Lefkara has been completed and we are ready to hit the studio in September to record the actual album. Here are some lovely moments from the session taken by Jutta on analogue camera plus the traditional group photo. Stay tuned!

eurotoire session 2 18 1

eurotoire session 2 03

eurotoire session 2 07 1

eurotoire session 2 21 1

eurotoire session 2 28

eurotoire session 2 31

eurotoire session 2 01 1

Eurotoire Session 2

Scoring a TV series!

We are writing and recording music with Andreas Trachonitis at studio Eleven63, for a TV series that is yet to start filming. We are just wrapping up the mixing and it sounds really cool. The series is by Loris Loizides and it's called Meliartos. It will air in October if all goes as planned for ANT1 Cyprus.
And there will also be a little surprise that I can't reveal at the moment!

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On Monday the 31st my new single 'I AM LOVE' will be released and I am so looking forward to share it with you. 
This song took quite a long time to be completed and I am so proud of the result. I am very grateful for my good friend and collaborator Andreas Trachonitis for producing it with me, and for the wonderful Eleni Era and Nama Dama for lending their beautiful voices.

This is the cover photo taken by my dear friend Christos Hadjichristou.

To pre-save the song you can follow this link:
Eleni Era Younger heart cover

Music Village 2021!!! 'The Musician's Mindset' returns!

Ι have been invited by my friends at Music Village in Pelion to instruct my workshop 'The Musician's Mindset' in August. It almost seems ike a dream that I will be in a different country. I am booking a flight. It all seems bizarre. But I'm super excited to meet everyone again and be immeersed in nature for a week. If you are interested in attending my workshop follow the link below and find out more and how to sign up.



Eleni Era - Younger Heart / / OUT 31 MARCH 2021

Second album by the one and only Eleni Era announced! I'm really proud to have produced this with Andreas Trachonitis
and also to lend a couple of songs and co-writes. It was such an enjoyable, emotional and fun process and I hope it comes out in the music. Two singles are out already and the album will be released on the 31st of March.

In the meantime you can pre-order the medium of your preference from the link below:

Eleni Era Younger heart cover


Live performance Freedom Candlemaker & friends at Archontiko Axiotheas

I am so happy to be playing at my favourite outdoor venue in Cyprus this Thursday 8th of October! I am performing a solo show at Archontiko Axiotheas, but I took this opportunity as well to invite a few friends to join me on stage for different songs. So I will have Ermis Michail on guitar for a few, Marios Takoushis on piano, Nama Dama on voice and recorder and Ezgi on vocals plus a special secret guest. I will do songs from Now Happiness, Girls, Ghosts and Gods, Beaming Light, The Age of Now and a few new unreleased ones, plus a couple of covers. It should be lots of fun.

Reserve at 22 894531. 

ΑΦΙΣES μουμτζής

Here is a video from the last time I played there in 2016 with Foken on guitar.



Waters of Ganges - New live video and song out!

I had the pleasure of being invited by my good friend Marios Takoushis to kick off this new video series 'Warehouse Diaries', recorded live in his personal studio. It's a wonderful thing he is starting and I hope it catches on. He will be presenting some great artists, local and not. 

The song we spontanteously recorded is a new song of mine named 'Waters of Ganges' written about a recent break up. I will be recording it in the studio soon and it will probably be on the new album I'm preparing to release in 2021. 

Make sure you follow the links:


Warehouse Diaires - YouTube Channel



In the studio with Eleni Era recording second album

Once again we are in the studio with Eleni Era and what a pleasure it is. We have been working on pre-production on and off since Feb but due to circumstances we have only been able to get in the studio this last week and it's sounding incredible! We are recording at studio eleven63 with Andreas Trachonitis who is engineering and co-producing.

I am also contributing two songs on this album, one words and music and the other one the lyrics. Working titles are 'Bells' and 'No ending to the wander'.

The album is due for release next spring on Louvana Records. Singles will come out in the beginning of 2021.
Stay tuned!

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Working with new artist Polina Rachell

I have recently doing producing working with young artist Polina Rachell. She is just coming out, writing her own songs (she is 15) and she is brilliant and a with a very mature for her age. It's great to be working with young talent and see them grow and evolve so quickly. She will be releasing a new EP so look out for her. The music is pop at its finest.


The time is ripe

'The time is ripe' is released today!

I was commissioned by Home for Cooperation to write a song about unity between the two sides of Cyprus. I wrote the english part of the song and Vassilis Philippou wrote the Greek Cypriot part. Gurgenc Korkmazel wrote the Turkish Cypriot lyrics. I produced the song and Andreas Trachonitis mixed it at studio eleven63. The song was performed by 37 musicians from both sides! We made a video showing all of the performers edited by Antonis Pouliasis. 

See video below:

New video single 'Gold'

My new song and video are out in the world and I am very happy to share them with everyone. They are out in all digital platforms. 
Check out all the details here.
Gold.00 04 22 21.Still010

Fengaros Music Village 2020

I am very happy to be the resident artist at this year's Fengaros Music Village. I will be choosing musicians and actors from the various workshops to put together a performing ensemble that is going to open Fengaros Festival 2020, the 10th edition. It's exciting stuff.

You won't need to sign up for this. Just sign up to any of the other wonderful workshops that are in offer. The rehearsals for my ensemble will be happening in the times between. You can find out about the workshops and read all the details HERE.



New music with Eleni Era

Ι was just in Berlin working on new music for Eleni Era's new album, aiming to be released early next year.
New material is on the way though, and a couple of singles will hit before summer for sure. I'm happy and excited about it. Look out for it.
You can catch her news and progress on her Instagram account amongst other platforms.

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TEDx talk and performance are up!

My TEDx talk is up now. I actually haven't watched it yet but you can go ahead and let me know what you think. It was a pretty trippy experience for me, both preparing it and doing it. Let me know what you think. You can WATCH IT HERE!

We also did a short live set with the band which you can watch here. I am not happy with the lights and the editing but what can you do?


FREEDOM CANDLEMAKER - full band shows (2)

We are coming back to Cyprus for a couple of shows with the full band:

29 November - Savino Live, Larnaca - support by Nama - Doors: 21:30

30 November - ARTos Foundaction, Nicosia - support by Eleni Era

Savino poster FC


I was invited to do a live set with the Freedom Candlemaker band, and also do a talk at TEDxUniversityOfNicosia. 

It took a lot of effort and digging inside myself to put this story together. My life story basically in 18 minutes, with all the ups and downs, all the important experiences and realisations. I have to admit it has been a very stressful time for me. 

But, it is happening on Saturday, the 30th of November. It's done now. I'm doing it. And it will probably on YouTube in 3 months I think.

Sophie Fetokaki

Sophie Fetokaki has a very special voice and approach to music. She brought in around 8-9 traditional songs from all over the world to work on, plus three of her originals and we managed to get all of it down in five days, with the help of the amazingly skillfull and talented Fred Thomas from London, and of course the sound engineering wizardry of Andreas Trachonitis at - where else - eleven63 studio. Results will come out probably early Fall. I am very happy with it.

Sophie final photo

Taltsie debut EP recordings

I think Taltsie is one of the most talented songwriters and singers that Cyprus has ever had. And I was very happy to work on producing her debut EP. She is only 19 years old.

You can check her out HERE although the EP will be coming out sometime in the Fall / Winter. 

Taltise Lefti

Full band shows in Cyprus

I'm very happy to announce two full band shows in my home country, Cyprus this month! 
More info on the LIVE page. 

FC Posters Deejay 02

Now Happiness - Full YouTube stream

At long last Now Happiness if available for streaming on Louvana Records' YouTube channel. LISTEN HERE! 

Now Happiness Louvana Records 2016

LIVE album presentation in Athens announced

Thrilled to annouce our full band album presentation in Athens on the 13th of April! Also on the bill our friends Dervisis and Krista Muir from Canada! Organised by our beloved Kormoranos:

Romantso poster

New live videos are out!

I'm very happy to share with you two new live videos from our show at six d.o.g.s last December. 
Two tracks off the new album performed live. Massive thanks to Nefele Papaioannou for the editing and production. 

Go check them out:

Of The Universe 


screeshot live video

Eleni Era album Rise Love released!

The album that I'm really proud to have recently produced is out in the world and you can purchase it on CD and LP from Louvana Records!

It's also out on all digital platforms! 

Go listen, go buy, enjoy!



I am so happy to finally share this with the world! 
Beaming Light, my new album, is premiering on the 405 with a great review as well! Read all about it and stream the album.

If you like it then you can ORDER it on vinyl, CD or digital from HERE.

More to come so stay tuned! 

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Third single 'Journey' out!

New - third - single from the album Beaming Light is out! You can listen to it below. Also, check out this small interview I gave to the French webzine Soul Kitchen plus a playlist of my current favourite music.


Read Soul Kitchen feature HERE.

You can PRE-ORDER Beaming Light on limited edition black and turquoise vinyl LP, CD and digital album!! It's coming out on the 22nd of February on Inner Ear RecordsFollow this link to PRE-ORDER on all platforms

Pre-order album Beaming Light

I'm very happy to announce that you can now PRE-ORDER Beaming Light on limited edition black and turquoise vinyl LP, CD and digital album!! It's coming out on the 22nd of February on Inner Ear Records.

Follow this link to PRE-ORDER on all platforms

Cover photo by Filep Motwary

BEAMING LIGHT COVERVinyl mock trqVinyl mock black

Solo shows in Berlin

I am heading to Berlin tomorrow to do some solo shows and I'm very excited. Catch me at the following. New single 'Journey' is out soon. Stay tuned for more info.

Jan. 17th - Monarch (supporting Micah P. Hinson)
Jan. 18th - Mark Twain bibliothek
Jan. 24th - It's a Bar (w/ Eleni Era & Drones of Praise)

More info on shows HERE

IMG 20190109 093642 977

Here is the video and single Astral Body!

With great pride and joy I present to you the new video clip Astral Body! This could not have happened if it wasn't for my two amazingly talented friends Filep Motwary and Andreas Dimitriou (white leaf pictures) who have worked so hard to make this dream a reality, and I thank them endlessly!! You guys are the best!!
I also thank all the wonderful people that were involved and brought such good vibes to the set.
The single is out on all digital platforms HERE!

Enjoy and share, far and wide! 


Le Guess Who? and shows with Joan As Police Woman

I had such an amazing time watching Le Guess Who? festival in Utrecht. It restored my faith in music and made me feel that we are living in the best yet time for music! From any angle you see it! Material, audience, performance, everything!

img 20181109 2050081
I was also thrilled to share the stage with the amazing Joan as police woman and band in Utrecht and Winterthur! Dutch audience is amazing and so is the Swiss. Such great reception and great experience for me overall. JAPW is one of the tightest bands I have ever seen and really fun people to be around! Here is a photo of me with the band and some shots from the shows.

IMG 9665

IMG 20181113 215028

01 lefteris moumtzis 06

Next week we are filming the video for the next single Astral Body from the new album! Stay tuned and make sure you follow me on instagram! :-)

First single from Freedom Candlemaker album is out today!!!

'Abyssal sky' the first single from the forthcoming album 'Beaming Light' is out today! Beaming Light is the first album I am releasing as Freedom Candlemaker, which is the name I'm going to be using from now on for my solo work. I'm very happy and proud for this album. I really enjoyed the slow process of making it and carving the sound along with producer and friend Alex Bolpasis and I love the final outcome. Abyssal sky is the first song on the album, the first song we worked on and it feels like it has to be the first song to see the light of day. It is also the song that lends the title to the album, due out in February on Inner Ear Records, who I'm really happy to be working with. The track also features Mike Kapilidis on drums and Dimitris Chatzizisis on guitars.

I am very looking forward for everyone out there to hear it and enjoy it! Below the artwork for the single, with the magnificent photography of my dear friend Filep Motwary and the layout by Zara der Arakelian. Much more to come soon so stay tuned!

Follow this link to listen to the song:

Freedom Candlemaker Abyssal Sky opt

First taster song from 'Beaming Light' coming out 6 / 11 / 18

I'm happy to announce that the first single from 'Beaming Light' is coming this coming Thursday the 6th of November. The name of the track is 'Abyssal sky' and it's the first track on the album due out in early February. Another single will follow in early December! It's been a long time coming and I'm so excited to share this with the world. The new album as well as the first single will be coming out under the name FREEDOM CANDLEMAKER which is the name I will be using from now on. In case you are wondering what it means, it is a translation of my name in English.

I'm also hitting the road next week for a short run of shows including two solo shows supporting the amazing Joan as police woman, which I'm so much looking forward to! Check out the live dates diary for more info!

The Road

Keep an eye out for more news very soon! You can also follow me on Instagram!

Producing Eleni Era's album

Finally reunited with the gorgeous Eleni Era to record her debut album, to be released by Louvana Records early next year. I had an amazing time producing this album! It felt like living in a dream for week! I believe it is the best thing I have produced so far - including my records - and I think it will blow people's minds when it comes out! What an astonishing artist she is! 


Musician's Mentality workshop / Thessaloniki

I so very much enjoyed doing the Musician's Mentality workshop in Thessaloniki (19-21/10/18). Once again it was such a fulfilling experience for me, sharing so many thoughts, experiences, fears, dreams and insecurities with musicians I respect and admire. This is something I definitely intend to be doing more in the future, because I think it really helps people unlock their creativity and make them more productive and courageous with their art. Thank you all for being there and sharing this with me! 

IMG 20181019 183815

I will be uploading some music samples from the workshop soon...

Here are also a couple of shots from our show at Avgo on the same weekend. Dreamy vibes.

44700934 280186109276150 5074912371743391744 n44737993 2289207917820665 1757025396571766784 n

Upcoming Events


Saturday 03.08.2024 21:00 - 21:45