Freedom Candlemaker

1. Abyssal Sky
2. Astral Body
3. Journey
4. Miss Sadness
5. Flawless rays of Sun
6. Playground
7. False hopes
8. Frost
9. Silent Song
10. Of the Universe

Bonus track - Unfulfilled 


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"Moumtzis mixes melodies and tempos like the art rock aficionado he is, creating a rollercoaster of energy on just about every track" The 405

"Freedom Candlemaker sees Lefteris venturing into bigger soundscapes and deeper songwriting than his previous endeavors." Earmilk

"...this complicated but elaborate woven fabric does not confuse the senses, but rather impresses with the power of its unyielding balance. It is the one that nourishes and gets nourished by the songs, to give the final result the ability to change forms with each new listen. To conquer more space and time in the soul of the listener and to claim the attention and love that at first contact you may never have expected to dedicate' Avopolis

""Beaming Light" offers a delightful slow-burning art pop with sonic sophistication, where each song ends completely differently from how it started, achieving that without boasting about it" Markos Frangos, gone4sure

"... we are dealing with something truly special (or even unique). Something that you do not fully understand during the listening - something you need time to realize." Vinylmine

"Freedom Candlemaker belongs to the then most ingenious musicians of his generation." MigaArtPress