Freedom Candlemaker

I Am Love
Resurrection was released on the 8th of November 2023


“In a world where everyone is looking for the meaning of life, the only true answers that will push you forward lie within. In the end, accepting and realising our true nature is the power we need to keep evolving.”

Freedom Candlemaker’s new single, ‘Resurrection’, is a celebration of change, self-acceptance and the liberating process of letting go. The accompanying video explores the concepts of baptism, death and resurrection, through the protagonist’s fantasy adventure for self-enlightenment, with the connection to nature, its elements and the cycle of life.


I’m not losing nobody
It’s just the way the cycle goes
I’m just here in my body
With an urge to carry on

I don’t need no saviour
A good friend is all I need
I don’t expect any favours
Cos only truth can set us free

Hey! What do you feel like?
Man! How does it feel?
Ooh! Are you feeling your power?
What’s the thing that’s bringing you down?

Well I’ve fought all these battles
But look at where it’s gotten me
I held hands with rejection
But rose like an ageing tree

The stars are aligning
That’s where we all belong
We need to find the connection
With everything and everyone

Hey! What do you feel like?
Man! How does it feel?
Ooh! Are you feeling your power?

We need to try and find a connection with everything and everyone

I’m not losing nobody
It’s just the time to let it go
Without hurting nobody
It was the time to let you know


Words & music: Lefteris Moumtzis
Produced by Lefteris Moumtzis
Backing vocals: Nama Dama and Tamara Van Esch
Drums: Dimitris Oikonomou
Electric guitar: Dimitris Foken

Recorded and mixed at studio eleven63 by Andreas Trachonitis
Additional recording:
Chris Parapagidis, Athens
Tamara Van Esch at Klank, Utrecht (
Marios Takoushis, Nicosia
Mastered by Yiannis Christodoulatos at Sweetspot Productions, Greece

Video Credits:

Director: Andreas Dimitriou
Cinematography: Costas Drakos
Concept: Lefteris Moumtzis, Sophia Irakleous, Andreas Dimitriou
Editing - Colouring: Andreas Dimitriou
Movement director: Sophia Irakleous    
Assistant movement director: Ioli Kaskani
Protagonist: Ioli Kaskani
Dancers: Andria Constantinou, Avgoustina Triarou, Georgia Konstantinou Clark, Elisavet Panagiotou, Andrea Louca, Elina Karacosta
Costume design and stylist: Memo
Assistant: Kiriakos Kakoullis
Rehearsal studio: Two Eleven Dance Studio