J.Kriste, Master of Disguise

This is the alternative TRACKLIST
1. Listen Through...
2. Smoking In The Bathtub
3. Eeriofeel (It's Almost Daytime)
4. This Is The Alternative (Part 1)
5. This Is The Alternative (Part 2)
6. Beautiful Place (There And Back)
7. Afterhours Nite
8. Birth Of A Killer (Part 1)
9. Birth Of A Killer (Part 2)
10. Warmth
11. This Hole
12. The Song Of The Songsmith
13. Afterhours Nite (Alternate Take)

The first album as a solo artist, recorded almost entirely in Lefteris' bedroom in Brimingham. A concept album that reveals a more experimental side. Lefteris composed, played most of the instruments and did all the recording and production. Paris Erotokritiou provided lyrics for Afterhouse nite.