Past Projects

Masters of DisguiseMasters of Disguise was a band that was formed in Brixton, London, in the winter of 2005. The initial line up was Lefteris Moumtzis on guitar, vocals and compositions, Kit Jolliffe on drums and brothers Colin and Felipe Somervell on electric bass and keyboards respectively. They were later joined by guitarist / violinist Jim Willis. Their music was a mix of post rock and progressive rock. They gigged the London scene extensively, and were often headlining the Louvana monthly event in 2006-2007.

Masters of Disguise produced two self-released EPs: ‘This Opening’ and ‘21st Century Fog’ both recorded in London during the period 2006-2007. They have appeared live all over England, as well as Switzerland, Greece and Cyprus. They disbanded after Moumtzis decided to leave London in the spring of 2008.



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