Past Projects

Pigling BlandPigling Bland was an acoustic trio formed in London in 2006. Consisting of Jim Willis on acoustic guitar, Colin Somervell on double bass and Lefteris Moumtzis on vocals, glockenspiel and melodica, they played Willis’ compositions with lyrical offerings by Moumtzis. Willis wrote beautiful, interweaving melodies with ever-changing harmonies to accompany them in the intricate folk style started by Nick Drake and similar artists in the late ‘60s, but with strong references to early 20th century classical music.

Pigling Bland recorded a few songs that were never released and gigged the London acoustic folk circuit for a while until Moumtzis left London in 2008. Willis and Somervell kept playing together eventually transforming their act into an electric rock trio, with the addition of Kit Jolliffe on drums. Nowadays, they can be found performing around London under the name of Hoatzin. They are currently working on their first recordings.