Past Projects

Plain HistoryDescription

Plain History was a unique music project which explored sound with imagination, using analogue synthesizers, drum machine, effects and loop stations.


The band was formed in 2012. They have appeared in many festivals in Cyprus like Fengaros Music Festival, Lefkosia Loop Festival, Xarkis, and Animafest gaining amazing responses, as well as doing smaller shows in bars like Sousami in Limassol. 


The core of the group consisted of Chris & Terry and Mouse Face (Moumtzis), with Demetris Yiasemides as a frequent collaborator on woodwinds. Other collaborators include Stelios Xydias on drums and Thomas Lumley on saxophone (UK). Chris & Terry plays synthesizers, drum machines and sings, while Mouse Face (Moumtzis) played bass, drums, some synths and sings.



Live at Lefkosia Loop Festival

Live at Klubd