Current Projects


Stelafi is the result of the collaboration between Lefteris Moumtzis, Greek actress Stela Fyrogeni and musician / producer Andreas Trachonitis. Their music is a never-heard-before mix of tribal drums and xylophones, haunting strings and trombones in a genre-defying whirlwind of rock, funk and Tom Waits-esque madness, as a platform for Stela Fyrogeni’s vocals, either in Greek or English.


The group was born out of a live duet by Moumtzis and Fyrogeni at Louvana Festival of Acoustic Music in September 2009, and the three members eventually got together in early 2010, initially as a studio project, and started writing and recording. Their debut album "O Siderokoftis" was released on Louvana Records in October 2010, and was followed by a series of sold-out live shows at important venues and festivals.


Alongside the three core members, the live band also includes Mario Michael on bass and Pavlos Michaelides on violin, with previous performances featuring Mike Michael on trumpet, Demetris Yiasemides on flute and trombone and Demetris Kakavoulis on keys and percussion. The music is mainly composed by Moumtzis, with Trachonitis contributing music and Fyrogeni lyrics and melodies on a few tracks. Other musicians on the album include Fotis Siotas and Pavlos Michaelides on strings, Kostas Pantelis on guitar and James Adams on trombone.